Movie #1

The first movie i will be reviewing is "Killer Bean Forever": on first glance, this movie looks as though it were made as a joke, but the movie as a whole actually turns out quite well, it's not perfect, but it provides a good mix of action, comedy, and story. I give it a 6/10

Movie #2

The next movie I will be reviewing goes by the name of "Son Of Alladin": A Hindi movie from the year 2003 that was released on netflix, after watching the movie, I have to say that although it was made by a small company, what they have done is nothing special, and the animation quality is over all pretty bad, despite being made in a different country by a small company, the voice acting is considerablt mediocre, and no emphasis or emotion were shown from the characters lines, overall I'd give this a 2/10, and I would not recommend watching it to anyone, you would have to be a masochist to like this movie, and it is pure torture to watch